Calum Hood Facts

D.O.B: January 25, 1996

Birth Name: Calum Thomas Hood

Star Sign: Aquarius

Age: 18

Education: Year 11 and attended Norwest Christian College

Relationship Status: Single

Shoe Size: 9

Parents: Joy (not sure dad)

Siblings: Mali Koa Hood

Celebrity Crush: Katy Perry and Halle Berry

Fun Facts:

  • Calum is NOT Asian. He’s Kiwi and Scottish.
  • Calum supports Liverpool in soccer.
  • He would turn gay for Kellin Quinn.
  • Calum’s favourite food is pizza.
  • Calum’s sister is Mali Koa Hood and she competed on The Voice.
  • The band says that Calum is the most feminine because he has no leg hair.
  • Calum prefers brown hair on a girl.
  • "Do you like happy meals?" Calum: "YES. WITH EXTRA HAPPY."
  • Calum went to Brazil last year because he got picked to represent Australia in soccer. He gave it up to pursue his music career.
  • He thinks many people are confused that he’s the only non-blonde, non-white person in 5SOS.
  • If Calum was a girl, he would date Michael, Ashton would date himself, and Michael would be lesbian because he loves girls too much.
  • Calum’s the best at PDH.
  • One of Calum’s many celebrity crushes is Delta Goodrem.
  • According to Ashton, Calum has the best “ass” in the band.
  • Calum doesn’t like salt & vinegar chips.
  • On the Hot 30 twit cam, Calum said his favourite singer is Guy Sebastion.
  • "What made you introduce Ashton into the band?" Calum: "Uuggh well… I was on eharmony this one time… and we met."
  • The boys say Calum has the best body in the band.
  • Calum said the youngest he would date is 14.
  • Calum’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate. 
  • He loves Katy Perry.
  • Calum writes the most 5SOS songs out of the boys.
  • He had a big crush on Alicia Keys when he was younger, and he says “it’s been resparked”.
  • Calum tried a Peach Milkshake in London but didnt like it.
  • He has a dinosaur tooth brush Adam Wilkinson got him.
  • Calum’s mom originated from Auckland.
  • If Calum had to be stuck in an elevator with anyone, he would want it to be Katy Perry.
  • Whenever Calum is shirt less Luke always happens to be pant less.
  • Calum only likes cheddar cheese.
  • He loves tea.
  • Calum had his first kiss at the age of 13.
  • Cal dropped out of high school.
  • Cal’s favorite color is baby blue.
  • Calum’s ex girlfriend’s name was Maddie Harris.
  • Calum’s relationship with Maddie lasted for about 2 to 3 months.
  • His mom is from New Zealand and his dad’s nationality is Scottish.
  • Calum was a nerd and still is.
  • If Calum were a girl, he’d date Michael, Ashton would date himself, and Michael would be lesbian because he likes girls too much.
  • Calum’s mum picks out his cologne but he denied it saying “I picked it out, I’m a manly man! It smells like cowboy musk.”
  • Calum claims that they found Ashton on eHarmony.
  • Calum didn’t even know what was until the 5th of June.
  • When Calum was younger, he used to run around and take a bite out of apples, then put them around the house.
  • At Melbourne airport, Calum struggled to push the luggage trolly and the whole thing ended up on the ground.
  • Back in 2012, Calum’s celebrity crush was Kierra Folsom and Jessica Alba.
  • Calum hates crossing at Zebra crossings.
  • He claims he is a ‘dog’ lover.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • Calum says the hate never gets to him.
  • Calum’s favorite childhood movie is Monsters Inc.
  • Calum likes pancakes more then waffles.
  • Just because Calum doesn’t like it when people call him Asian does not mean he has anything against Asians. He loves everyone.
  • Calum’s old Instagram name use to be Calzabrah.
  • In 2012, Calum had soccer training Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
  • Calum’s favorite pizza topping is ham and pineapples.
  • If Calum woke up and was a girl, and had to date a guy, it would be Channing Tatum.
  • Calum would rather be a goat then a sloth for a day.
  • Calum’s favorite Mcfly song is One for the Radio.
  • Calum has never eaten a waffle.
  • Calum’s favorite Busted song is Britney.
  • His favorite fruit is apples.
  • Calum’s singer role model, when he was younger, was Chris Brown.
  • Calum reckons his fans think he’s a lot cooler than he actually is.
  • Calum claims that nothings changed and they don’t see themselves as famous. They’ve just learned to adapt to a different lifestyle.
  • Calum was the first in the band to start song writing which influenced the rest of them to give it a go.
  • Calum likes a girl who is quite, quirky, and musical.
  • Calum squats on a daily basis.
  • Calum always has some kind of animal on his underwear.
  • Calum’s favorite song on the album is ‘Kiss Me Kiss Me’.
  • If Calum could have a super power he’d like to be able to talk to animals.
  • Calum’s favorite film is the new Lego Movie or Monsters Inc.