Michael Clifford Facts

D.O.B: November 20, 1995

Birth Name: Michael Gordon Clifford

Star Sign: Scorpio

Age: 18

Education: Attended Norwest Christian College

Relationship Status: Single

Parents: Karen (not sure dad)

Siblings: None

Celebrity Crush: Camila Cabello

Fun Facts:

  • At Macca’s, Michael orders a large cheesburger meal with no onions, no pickles, a coke, a side of mcbites, and sweet & sour sauce.
  • Michael said in one of his tweets that his favorite word was cheeseburger.
  • Calum says that Michael is the sassiest.
  • Michael is English, Scottish, Irish, German and Australian.
  • His favorite pickup line is “nice shoes, lets fuck.”
  • Michael is scared of Slender and screamed like a little girl while playing it on a twit cam.
  • "I just want to touch all of you"
  • Michael is the most obsessive with girls.
  • Michael used to eat Macca’s all the time, now he doesn’t eat Macca’s at all.
  • Whenever Michael listens to Drake, he says he feels like a unit.
  • "I actually don’t like calling you guys fans because you’re like the family I never had"
  • "My lips are huge, I’m Mangelina Jolie."
  • Michael’s favorite movie is Forest Gump, but Ashton says he’s moved on to Pursuit Of Happiness.
  • Michael said if zombies came he would leave the rest of the boys first to survive.
  • He once said if he was to have a girlfriend she would have to work at Macca’s.
  • Michael’s favorite Disney movie is Camp Rock.
  • Michael said that the band would be called ‘Bromance’ if they weren’t ‘5 Seconds of Summer’.
  • He says no one cooks in the band, but Ashton would cook the most.
  • Michael said if the boys weren’t In a band they would be brick layers.
  • Michael’s signature dance move is the sprinkler/lasso.
  • His favorite chewing gum flavor is watermelon (or raspberry).
  • Michael says the verified tick makes him feel like a majestical unicorn with ‘a big horn’.
  • Calum and Michael had never been to a concert before their own.
  • He bought Jess Veronica a fish.
  • He enjoys long walks on the beach.
  • Michael said he can’t live without his computer.
  • Michael got an iPhone 5 for his birthday.
  • Michael’s favourite chocolate is a Cadbury twirl.
  • If Michael could learn to play another instrument he would like to learn the flute.
  • Michael’s favorite movie is probably Forrest Gump.
  • Michael’s favorite thing about being in 5SOS is getting to meet all the fans.
  • Michael would rather eat a jar of vegemite than shave his hair off.
  • He has no brothers and sisters.
  • Michael’s natural hair color is blonde.
  • One of his ex’s names is Geordie Gray.
  • Michael dated a girl named Georgia.
  • "Michael Clifford does go to the gym… Occasionally"
  • Michael would turn gay for his guitar tech and claims he looks like Pete Wentz.
  • He doesn’t like the excess chocolate left at the end of his hot milo.
  • According to Calum, Michael gives the best cuddles.
  • Michael’s stripper name is the Stallione.
  • If Michael was a girl, he wouldn’t date himself, he would just have a one night stand.
  • Michael is an 8inch or bigger (confirmed by Michael lol).
  • Michael listens to T-Pain.
  • Michael hates his middle name and doesn’t want people knowing that it’s Gordon.
  • On the 12th of February 2012, Calum said Michael’s fringe length is exactly 23.4cm.
  • Michael says that the verified tick makes him feel like a majestical unicorn with ‘a big horn’.
  • Michael’s signature dance move is the sprinkler/lasso.
  • Michael loves paddle pop frozen think shake, chocolate. (Its like an ice cream) 
  • Calum and Michael had never been to a concert before their own.
  • Michael knows all the fangirl lingo.
  • Michael likes all girls no matter what hair color they have.
  • If Michael had to shoot one member of 5sos, eat another, and kiss another, he would shoot Calum, eat Luke, and kiss Ashton.
  • Michael thinks snapbacks are cool but penny boards are really lame.
  • Michael’s favorite band in 2012 was All Time Low.
  • Michael says “he’s the biggest gamer ever”.
  • At one of their shows with Hot Chelle Rae, someone threw condoms at Michael.
  • Michael says you could find everything about him on his Google history/search.
  • Michael once serenaded a girl by singing One Less Lonely Girl.
  • Dragon Ball Z is Michael’s “favorite cartoon ever”.
  • Michael hates his signature.
  • Michael’s mom never let him dye his hair.
  • Michael’s favorite food is papadums.
  • Michael likes girls that he can do nothing with and still have fun.
  • Michael considers himself to be a little OCD. He washes his hands 20 times a day and if the sheet comes off his bed he can’t sleep.
  • Michael always has burgers or tacos on his underwear.
  • Michael favorite color is green.
  • Growing up Michael says he was clingy and wanted people to like him so it astounds him that nowadays girls actually do like him.
  • Michael loves every song on the album because they all define the band.
  • If Michael could have a super power he’d just want to be Spider-Man.
  • Michael believes it’s scarier to perform in front of smaller crowd then huge crowds.
  • Michael ALWAYS double knots his shoelaces.